An opportunity for each sector


The challenges raised by digital disruption are different depending on the sector iwhich each industry operates. That is why we develotailored solutions for each client, taking into account their idiosyncrasies but also their customers, markets and sector of activity. These are the sectors in which we are maintaining a remarkable degree ospecialization.








If your company operates in the retail sector you will have to face the disruption of online retailers, niche specialists and discount business models or those who take advantage of rebates or end of stocks, all while consumers are under economic pressure.

The combination of new disruptive formats such as second-hand sales, online marketplaces or discount formulas has resulted in consumers who demand more from retailers and are much more willing to compare and choose what they want from multiple sources. This kind of pressure involves that the gap between retailers that win and lose is growing.

Therefore, we are convinced that the current challenge is about helping your company to grow in a stable and sustainable way through efficiency. So, we can work with you “hands on” or in implant mode, providing ideas, execution and high impact solutions. You will verify that our contribution is not limited to momentary changes, but that it brings together capacities and values that will stand the test of time.


Most of our clients have business models that withstand extreme pressures and continuous changes. We work with them to define the vision of the future and the roadmap to achieve that vision.

In addition, we accompany you through this roadmap in those areas where our experience and knowledge provide maximum value. This type of solutions can also help your industry, transforming its trajectory through the years and getting new returns to your business and new updates for your customers.


In a world of increasing complexity, companies require software and hardware that supports those strategic changes that they want to carry out. However, many of the software solutions available may not fit from a financial or business point of view.

We can work with you in this area to decompose key operating metrics into components that will drive those metrics. It will be then when we build documentation and functional requirements that will translate directly into the necessary actions to carry out the operational and functional objectives that support the local strategy of your company.


Operators are the heart of the user experience. The business models required for success introduce greater complexity for operators and the supply chain at a time when customer service is more important than ever. To achieve a sustainable impact, we design and build tools that offer the right information to make better decisions when they are needed and in a way that is comfortable to digest. In addition, we support the tools with change management that build momentum and support the impact. At the point of sale, we work with the supply chain to understand the end-to-end impact of decisions in stores and customers, diverting and modifying plans to drive results and improvements through different levels, such as planning inventory or the efficiency of the supply chain.



The food sector is faced with the need to automate and improve not only the manufacturing processes of the product, but also the traceability of the same, as well as perfecting manual positions to achieve better returns on their investments and to increase the capacity of growth when demand increases.

From we can help you with the design, simulation and assistance or management of manufacturing improvement projects, in any of its phases (packaging, washing, packing and / or wrapping). We also implement systems and solutions for the improvement of storage management and traceability. These systems allow automatic control of the positioning of the units in storage, establishing distributions based on mathematical distributions that allow to achieve a better efficiency in the use of space and in the times of entry and exit.


We understand the unique challenges you face as a wholesale distributor or as a custom manufacturer. We know that backoffice equipment with high operative capacities and client-oriented front equipment is necessary.

In we work on very clear premises: obsessive focus on attracting and serving customers, constant dedication to achieve excellence in operations and an insatiable thirst to improve capabilities.


Many distributors and wholesale manufacturers operate with very thin margins (3-5%), with sales under constant pressure. Some companies have improved benefits by reducing spending on goods, while fostering partnerships with critical suppliers.

Using a strategy that combines learning and experience with large customers in the retail and manufacturing sectors, we can help your company reap great results. Similarly, using a refocus on the purchase we can boost savings of up to 10% with cost reduction programs, providing you with the potential to substantially increase net sales.


Improving input and output solutions, flows, cadences and classification, and investing in technology at each stage of the reception, storage and dispatch line, your company can double the capacity of your warehouse. All this through the integration with WMS and programs of control and monitoring of energy, consumption and detection of alarms, which allows minimum stops and prevents possible breakdowns.



The sector of wood and furniture manufacturing has undergone a huge change in recent years: from making very large runs and few references have passed to a greater demand in terms of flexibility, innovation and modification of products, like if they were clothes. It is necessary to quickly adapt to changing fashions in furniture design, reduce costs by introducing new materials and have the capacity to make small test runs for “capsule” type collections or for market niches with high profitability but low repetitiveness. In we know that your industry no longer demands so complex and rigid automatization, as flexible systems that allow operators 

and technicians to coexist, collaborate and carry out tasks together. In addition, it is important to be able to modify the layout of the production plant without having to reorganize the entire production space and without having to make a general stop, nor should productivity be reduced. To undertake this transformation, we put at your disposal the engineering team necessary to design, simulate, search and implement solutions and collaborative robotics technology: intelligent robots that allow improving the loading and unloading processes of certain applications, freeing ergonomic loads from workers, expanding and

improving your work capacity and reducing the risks of injury. Precisely in one of these areas of action, specifically in the case of unmanned intelligent robots, is positioned as an expert company in the sector, we are talking about the solution design layer. We know first-hand the best manufacturers of AGVs and AIVs, as well as the ideal software tools to design a solution for each specific need, using the minimum robots required and optimizing the investment in order to obtain a return as quickly as possible to your business.



On many occasions, the machines have CE marking but, nevertheless, the production lines or the integration of various machines and processes, as a whole, do not comply with it. In these cases it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the manufacturing processes and lines to see if they are under regulations and carry out the necessary actions to adapt the positions, processes and systems implemented in the factory to standard.

If you need it, in we have the necessary experience and capacity to carry out fire protection plans, as well as carrying out unique projects (such as wind turbine detection systems) that require negotiations with industry, firemen , processing of licenses or drafting security plans, among other obligations.


In the mass manufacturing industry, the need to integrate a production control system into the processes becomes increasingly evident. Our experience tells us that these systems, in order to be really effective, must also incorporate information about the energy consumption of each machine, process and system, in order to know, to the penny, the real costs involved in each operation in a manufacturing line.

In we are experts in the detection of needs of these characteristics in your sector, as well as in the search and implementation of customized solutions that cover the requirements of control and production management, or in the monitoring and control of the energy consumption of industrial processes.



In today’s energy industry it is vital for companies to balance data when they analyze the effectiveness of their operations and strategies. However, inaccurate data and lack of expertise can make the decision process difficult.

From we can collaborate with your organization to study and analyze your projects before taking decisions, in this way, to get the investment / return ratio as close as possible. In addition, we try to predict problems in execution and stop them in the design phase of the project. And, if you are immersed in an expansive process, our team

can support and direct any energy project anywhere in the world.

In, supported by the energy department of Instra Ingenieros, we have more than 50 professionals specialized in different sectors such as wind energy -both onshore and offshore-, photovoltaic and solar-thermal energies, or fossil fuels.

With more than 4,000 MW installed, we have access to the experience and professionals of a growing sector that demands telecontrol and telemanagement services and products, solutions that reduce

costs in the maintenance of parks and systems, or companies that direct and lead their projects in international markets.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of adding technology and digitizing systems, implementing integrated software applications in your company’s infrastructures, which will help the teams to more efficiently manage power plants and facilities. With more than 10,000 sensors placed and operating worldwide, is positioned as a leading company in implementing and integrating energy control systems and systems monitoring.