Instra participates in the development of technology for traceability with BlockChain

Instra Ingenieros, through its technology solutions area, is collaborating with the company GodEnigma (solutions for FinTech) in the development of a product traceability platform and using BlockChain to achieve immutability and credibility of the data.

In addition, the platform aims to improve the system of validation and receipt of products and allow different financial institutions to offer financing on request or approved budget (thus anticipating the operational financing needs) of the different participants in the chain of business or supply of a product.

It is expected that the first MVP (minimum viable product) will be ready in the coming months, applied to a supply chain and that it will be the starting point for other applications where companies from all industrial and logistics sectors will be able to participate and obtain benefits. of the traceability part as of the financial part.



Fire detection system for wind turbines in arctic climates

Instra Ingenieros, through, its technological solutions area, has designed, developed, manufactured and is in the process of supplying for its installation in the assembly line of a fire safety system for wind turbines for climates arctic

The product will be implanted in a large wind farm in the north of Sweden.

The project involved more than 10 engineers in the design, development and testing of the prototype product, as well as in a subsequent team of 5 engineers dedicated to the management of manufacturing, logistics, supply and quality controls of the final product.