In.Tu.In with GodEnigma and Microsoft

On April 9, Microsoft and GodEnigma organized an event at the facilities of Microsoft’s FINCA, in Madrid.

In this event, applications and new projects related to IoT technology were shown (connect machines to computer systems to analyze the data and draw relevant conclusions) as well as blockchain.

Hand in hand with In.Tu.In, we participated through Pedro Pérez, CEO of Instra engineers, who carried out a presentation where he highlighted the challenges that these technologies have in the coming years as well as what from Instra and In .Tu.In we are doing to try to put ourselves at the forefront of technology and thus be able to advise our clients better.

At this time, In.Tu.In participates in several pilot and proof-of-concept projects with several large international clients. In addition, it is closing a collaboration agreement with a major telecommunication company that will allow it to carry out new technology development projects and how to implement our IoT technology to connect all types of factory auxiliary systems or process machinery and applications based on blockchain of energy data certification and supply chain traceability.

The event was attended by companies from different sectors, interested in learning a little more about these technologies to know what they can contribute in their respective production or sales processes, as well as what are the main obstacles and dilemmas when using technology well.

I Executive on Digital Transformation

What do we need to know to compete in the current market?

What is the impact of digital transformation on the organization and processes of the company?

Next November 7, In.Tu.In, will participate as one of the official sponsor in the I  Executive in Digital Transformation organized by the APD (Association for the progress of the Direction)


Train the participants in the contrasted methodology to face the digital change that is required to remain competitive in the current market.

The key tools and processes will be addressed to face the change to the new digital era with guarantees.


You can see the program here: Executive Transformación digital_Santiago 7 nov

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