Instra participates in the development of technology for traceability with BlockChain

Instra Ingenieros, through its technology solutions area, is collaborating with the company GodEnigma (solutions for FinTech) in the development of a product traceability platform and using BlockChain to achieve immutability and credibility of the data.

In addition, the platform aims to improve the system of validation and receipt of products and allow different financial institutions to offer financing on request or approved budget (thus anticipating the operational financing needs) of the different participants in the chain of business or supply of a product.

It is expected that the first MVP (minimum viable product) will be ready in the coming months, applied to a supply chain and that it will be the starting point for other applications where companies from all industrial and logistics sectors will be able to participate and obtain benefits. of the traceability part as of the financial part.



Fire detection system for wind turbines in arctic climates

Instra Ingenieros, through, its technological solutions area, has designed, developed, manufactured and is in the process of supplying for its installation in the assembly line of a fire safety system for wind turbines for climates arctic

The product will be implanted in a large wind farm in the north of Sweden.

The project involved more than 10 engineers in the design, development and testing of the prototype product, as well as in a subsequent team of 5 engineers dedicated to the management of manufacturing, logistics, supply and quality controls of the final product.

Instra and the Port of Vigo – Lonja 4.0.

In.Tu.In, area of technological solutions of Instra, has completed last week the installation and integration of the expert system OTEA, which is a hardware system for the telecontrol and remote monitoring of the fish market, large fish and the offices of the Port Authority of Vigo (APV). These measures are part of the initiative and strategy to digitize the Port of Vigo within the framework of Port 4.0. and the Lonja 4.0 project. of BlueGrowth. These programs seek to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and take steps towards achieving a green and digitized port in the coming years.

IOT World Congress Barcelona

We visited the IOT World Congress.

Instra participated on 3 and 4 October at the IoT congress, BlockChain and in the Energy and Industry 4.0 forum. organized by EnerTic at the Fira de Barcelona.

“As a provider of engineering and solutions for our customers, it is important that we are present at this type of event, the objective is to know what technologies and devices are being developed so that our engineers can implement and integrate these technologies in the projects we carry out. for our customers”. Pedro Pérez, CEO of Instra.

“We have taken the opportunity to also study the competition, know what they are doing and see how we differentiate from them, in order to highlight the improvements and advantages of our products and services.” Pablo Gajino, Business Director of Area Soluciones Tecnológicas.

Instra has areas of action in energy efficiency, carrying out projects to reduce consumption for industry, building materials efficiency, implementing telemanagement platforms and telecontrol of supplies etc … Also, has extensive experience in logistics solutions both at the level of building how to store management



Industry 4.0 in Galicia, keys and international perspective

Next wednesday, september 27, Instra Ingenieros will participate in the round table as a reference company in innovation in the field of industry 4.0.

In this event, which will take place in the facilities of the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Galicia in Vigo, it will be exposed  current use cases and technologies to show the audience the status and evolution of industry 4.0. in Galicia, as well as the applications and technologies that will come in the coming years.

The event, promoted by the financial club of Santiago, the financial club of La Coruña and the own circle of entrepreneurs of Galicia, will have the presence of professionals from different areas and sectors, as well as reference technology centers (GradiantEnergy LabCTAGAimen or AnfacoEcopesca).

In addition, the event has the organization and participation of ATIGA, IGAPE and ABANCA among others.