Industry 4.0 in Galicia, keys and international perspective

Next wednesday, september 27, Instra Ingenieros will participate in the round table as a reference company in innovation in the field of industry 4.0.

In this event, which will take place in the facilities of the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Galicia in Vigo, it will be exposed  current use cases and technologies to show the audience the status and evolution of industry 4.0. in Galicia, as well as the applications and technologies that will come in the coming years.

The event, promoted by the financial club of Santiago, the financial club of La Coruña and the own circle of entrepreneurs of Galicia, will have the presence of professionals from different areas and sectors, as well as reference technology centers (GradiantEnergy LabCTAGAimen or AnfacoEcopesca).

In addition, the event has the organization and participation of ATIGA, IGAPE and ABANCA among others.